Roasted Tomato Sauce


24-30 Organic Roma or Field Tomatoes (depending on the size)

24-30 Garlic Cloves (I like the large purple garlic, you use less and the flavour is greater, also less peeling)

3 Tlbs. Pomace Olive Oil (not extra virgin as it needs to be stable, I use Pomace Olive Oil)

1 tsp. Ground Pepper

1 tsp. SeaSalt

7 Tlbs. Fresh Basil (3 Tlbs. dried)

Fresh rosemary or oregano (optional)

METHOD                                                                                                                                       *Throughly wash & rinse tomatoes (Natural vegetable wash or soak in baking soda for a few minutes)

*Blanch 5-7 tomatoes  in boiling water for 1 minute. (have the ice water ready as this is a quick dip and out process.)

IMG_0233 2.jpg

*Cool in ice water and peel skin from tomatoes (I tried skipping this step and the sauce was a little chewy.) I like to keep the seeds, I feel they add flavour.

*Peel skin of tomato, it’s up to you if you leave the core, I like it as it adds flavour. (personal preference)IMG_0235.JPG

*Place in a large baking dish with sides ~ glass 5″x 10″x 2″ (12.7 x 25.4 x 5.1/cm)

*Peel garlic cloves ~

**if cloves are large, cut in half

*Cut a small slice into tomato and insert clove into tomato, until flush with tomatoIMG_0242.JPG

*Drizzle evenly with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt & pepper (omit salt, if on a sodium reduced diet)


*Bake 350F (176C) 4-6 hrs. until deep brown ~ convection oven 2-3 hrs 350F (176C)

Bake until brown

*Remove from oven, cool slightly. With this batch, I left the skins on and removed them after they cooled. It’s a little messy, however, if you don’t have time to skin before roasting, you can always do it after.   

*Blend tomatoes, garlic and all liquid, using mix-master, blender, or hand blender (use caution if tomatoes are hot, as they burn skin on contact)

I allow mine to cool completely, transfer them to large pot, blend, re-heat, add fresh herbs and can for later use

If making a larger batch you can use a blender. If you enjoy a chunky past sauce, simply mash with a fork or potato masher. This picture is from a few years back… I’m not a fan of plastic and I was gifted a lovely steel hand-blender. Thanks to daughter #1… xo 

*Season with herbs of your choice, or leave plain, then seasoning when ready to use. (glass of wine optional – teeheehee)


*For sauce with a little Spice: add 1 – 4 tsp. of dried red chilli peppers. (depending on your love of heat)



*Simply add your choice of sliced & sautéed vegetables eg. onions, celery, red/yellow/green pepper, mushrooms, zucchini… whatever you have on hand or in season

*Meat lovers add: sliced chicken, ground beef, pork, veal, lamb, mild or spicy sausage


*I prefer canning in glass jars 1-2 & 4 cups, for later use. (keeps for 2 years)

IMG_0258 2.jpg

*freezes well, in individual 1-2 or 4 cup jars, or zip-lock bags.

*refrigerate up to 5 days.


About Italian Living

I'm an interior decorator from Canada. I own a design firm. I have three grown daughters who are confidant women living busy lives. I love my family my friends and my life, however, something is missing. December 3rd, my eyes open at 3:33 a.m. It's time to fulfill my lifelong dream of living in Italy..... I rent my house, pack my bags, say a final farewell to all the people I love most in this world and hop on a plane January 13th.... alone. This is my story...
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2 Responses to Roasted Tomato Sauce

  1. Sharon Somani says:

    Hello Shauna!

    This recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing. It was lovely to see you on the weekend!


    Sent from my iPhone


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    • Sharon:
      This is the DiY Magnesium Oil spray I spoke of. Wellness Mamma (she’s fantastic)
      1/2 cup Magnesium flakes (the one from Light Cellar)
      1/2 cup distilled water
      2 Tlbs of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) for my day time spray.
      Mix and store in a glass bottle with fine spray. Use after a shower and if it feels sticky you can rinse after 20 minutes. Sometimes leaves a chalky residue, It doesn’t bother me though. You decide. It will be tingly the first week.
      Why MSM ? read below:
      For night I omit the MSM and add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil. (I read somewhere MSM gives you energy)

      In addition: I take 1/4 tsp with 1/2 tsp Vitamin C from ascorbic acid mixed in 1/4 cup water each morning and then again after lunch.
      You may have to work up to 1/4 tsp of the MSM. can cause upset stomach at first. Always take with vitamin C though. It needs it for your body to absorb.

      Check out or – My go-to sites for questions.

      Epsom salts bath is fantastic… 20 min to detox 20 min to take in the magnesium. 40 min total.

      Big hugs to you and please let me know if you find less leg cramping.
      Glass of wine and a giggle SOON!
      Shauna xo


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