It’s the end of a remarkable day and journey. After several; No Room At The Inn replies, I found a place to sleep for the night. It wasn’t an easy task in a tourist rich location such as Santiago, Spain on a Saturday night before a holiday.  

 Shaded road on my lady day in 


 City Sign


 Selfie in front of city market sign. seems to be well appointed with art work. 


Settled in, clean and rested, I walk the streets of this remarkable city. The inhabitants and guests are lively and boisterous. I pass a bar open to the street, where 30 young Irish football (soccer) players are celebrating. Their songs and laughter ripple through the square like thunder between mountains. 

Diversity in music is displayed throughout the inner-city as artists  share their talent from opera, to jazz, instruments and dance. The city is alive. My body and mind are depleted. I do however manage dinner at a local pub and a cursory 2 hour walk appreciating the culture. The minute my head hits the pillow I fall into the deepest sleep I’ve had in 6 weeks, lasting over nine hours.  

 Almost there. i followed this guy as he seemed to know where he was going. Turned out i was right. 



 I stayed here for a while basking in the sunshine and personal acomplishment. 


 View of the Catherdral from my room. 

  VIDEO: Evening in Santiago 

 From the second floor entrance

On Sunday morning I wake to a gentle rain shower. My thoughts go immediately to my fellow pilgrims trying to reach Santiago today. I am grateful to be cuddled under a down comforter. My walking shoes seem to stare at me from across the room, I smile at them and shake my head: “not today my friends, not today.” 
A woman I met in St Jean is meeting me for coffee. It’s been over a month since we’ve seen one another. We discuss our experiences on the Camino and embrace for one final goodbye. 


 With my Compostella


 Official Compostela: My name is written in Latin (the latin thrills me to no end) 


 This cross is the standard cross you see all along the Camino


 VIDEO: First time front row seats at Mass caused me to smile.. 

 the church 

              VIDEO: Catholic Mass meats Disneyland 

About Italian Living

I'm an interior decorator from Canada. I own a design firm. I have three grown daughters who are confidant women living busy lives. I love my family my friends and my life, however, something is missing. December 3rd, my eyes open at 3:33 a.m. It's time to fulfill my lifelong dream of living in Italy..... I rent my house, pack my bags, say a final farewell to all the people I love most in this world and hop on a plane January 13th.... alone. This is my story...
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  1. Jack McLin says:

    Dear Shauna,

    This will be something that will stay with you for the rest of your life… Congratulatuion!

    Auntie Agnes

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  2. A wonderful achievement – a journey both spiritual and physical. Inspiring!


  3. postcardtraveller says:



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