So much to share of the previous five days. 

I’ve experienced physical, mental and spiritual blisters. With it, an abundance of Gtatitude has flourished around and through me. 

“What Are You Grateful For” (This photo was taken of me by a fellow Pilgram)

On the lighter side, I’ve been ordered to rest in a hotel room with a bathtub and a vast selection of local wines..(I’m not 100% sure if the last part isn’t a slight exaggeration) Que the harps and let the choir sing..  

Day 8- Leaving Logroño, I had the privilege of walking with a gentleman from Sweden with a remarkable life story. He reluctantly (at first) shared his journey from brain cancer to the Camino. For 20 years he put off walking. After finishing treatment two weeks ago, he made the commitment to walk to Santiago. To my delight, our paths crossed, on this remarkable path.

“The Camino Provides.” Is something you hear often while walking. For me, expansion lives in those 3 words. When you least expect it, you have the very thing you need. Rarely in the form you expect. Accepting what’s offered and releasing resistance to the lessons, are key factors on the Camino. 

After our walk and enlightened conversation, I met Michael the owner of Pilgrams, in the village of Navarrete. He has walked the Camino 5 times himself and is now living his dream of owing an Albergue along the Camino. 

He suggested several unique Albergues for me to stay in villages dotted along the Camono map. 

Michael..owner of Pilgrims Navarete


Dinner at Albergue – Pilgrims


Church outside the village

Enchanting little pensione

I find myself walking primarily alone and often it leads to interesting conversations with myself and the landscape around me: Appreciating the vines

Day 9-My path crossed these two interesting fellows who’ve been walking the Camino 4Years. They might be a tad touched, you decide by clicking here:




Walked with Angela and Daniele in the last 3km after communing with the grapes. Sanity at last.


Angela from Spain


A cross on top of a hill is not uncommon.


I’ve walked 200km…Didn’t know I had it in me. “Insert Happy Dance here”

Beautiful village I passed through.

Day10-In the tiny village of Grañón, I felt I’d earned my PilgrimStatus. Funny how communal cooking, a local festival in the village, complete with chiros generously slathered in sugar, followed  by sleeping on a mat in the loft a of church, has the power to transform. I LOVED the experience.  

Sunshine on the boots helps freshen the unfreshanable… No, not really!


The church reception

Conversation corner-

Kitchen where magic happens

front door and courtyard

Main entrance to the church


The door and only sign denoting this Albergue


Did I mention I LOVE this door


Pilgrams waiting for the wine . personally i wouldnt make them wait too long…


Communal dishes.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see myself trading in my wardrobe for a munks cloak anytime soon.  

Church view Video- click here:

Day 11- was one of those days where you learn more than you ever thought possible in a 24hour period. I stayed in the tiny village of Tosantos. The accommodations were similar to the previous night, the experiences surpassed everything so far for several reasons.

  • In the final 5km, I had a burst of energy and allowed it to romance me into thinking I was an Olympic walker. A painful idea in the end. 
  • The Albergue came with a Padre who was both spiritual and playful in his teachings.
  • During a non-denominational gathering, we read, out-loud, a selection of wishes and prayers of Pilgrams, from the weeks prior. The padre prays on the wishes of these people, every day for 20 days. Imagine that!! We had the opportunity to add our own wishes to the gilded box holding these slips of paper. (A sliver of time impacting all who attended)

Before going to bed, I discovered an unusual blister on my heal, no doubt due to my power walk. My foot and shin ached throughout the night. 

The following morning, not listening to my body, I falsely believed I was in perfect walking condition. In less than 8km, my leg had its own thoughts on the matter, in the form of a sharp pain in my leg and heal. 

Long story short.. I’m grounded in a village called “Villafranka” for 1 or 2 days. Fortunately, there’s a lovely hotel to ease my aching leg. Hotel San Anton  The owner and his two sons are being attentive to my every whim. Ice pac, ibuprofen, a medicinal leg rub (not the pleasant relaxing kind though..this one had me limping worse than before) 

All is well:  I’ve learned an important lesson:

Listen to the experienced voice of the Camino de Santiago.. “This is not a race”

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