Spectacular (Huge) New Winery Built Deep in a Tuscan Hillside. (Link to story on the history of the winery).

I had the great pleasure of visiting the above Winery this week with a few friends from Florence.

The lovely Donatella

Donatella – Shauna


Donatella and her handsome Italian bookends.

My design-side was captivated by the construction and how they achieved it in this tightly controlled country.

stairwell in the shape of a corkscrew.

Stairwell in the shape of a corkscrew. View from parking garage

steel and concrete stairwell

View from middle of stairwell

Keep in mind the Italian powers-that-be tend to frown upon anything new. I agree with maintaining the integrity of Italy, her hills, her history, however nothing is ever achieved without reaching forward.

vats of new wine

Clean and professionally attended

Clean and professionally attended. All natural products used in construction.

My wine-side was grateful to the Antinori Family for their dedication to maintain the high standard of wine and olive oil production this family is known for. I love the fact 3 sisters run this wine empire.

how they used to store olive oil

These are the vats  they used to store each families  olive oil. In the back you can see how it’s stored now.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Vats from years ago

Family Name

Your Family Name would be etched into the vat for your years supply of  olive oil

I was willing to sacrifice myself, in the form of a massive headache, in order to sample ALL their wine in stock. This however was not an option, they did however offer three lovely tastings for the group of twelve gathered for the last wine tour of the day.

We start with white and move to the reds

We start with white and move to the reds

Three offered tastings for the evening tour

The 3 selections

My Favourite

My Favourite; Marchese Antinori-Chianti Classico Reserva 2009

I’d highly recommend a visit if you are in the area anytime soon. It’s an amazing building and operation. They won’t be harvesting grapes from this location for several years, however it is their head office as they outgrew their previous location in the heart of Florence, Italy.

The new grapes planted this spring.

The new grapes planted this spring. Entire operation is built underground.

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