I was snooping around the internet today and found this Blog by Diane Jarvis-Schuller. Diane was inspired to write A Letter A Day in the month of February by well know author; Mary Robinette Kowal on her website called The Month Of Letters Challenge

I’ve been intending to write more letters lately. In fact, I was speaking with a friend who is know for her love of sending cards. Her motto is; “A card is NEVER a mistake no matter how late it is”.  I liked that sentiment. So I purchased a collection of lovely blank cards in the hope that having them in my possession would inspire me to actually write inside of them…yet there they sat. How often over the years had I thought about writing note or card, I’d think about it some more, forget to buy one, then feel bad about not sending one, then believe after a week, or month that it’s too late now. Somehow the tardiness was rude to me. Where-ever did I get that notion from? I recall standing over my children, no matter how late the timing, forcing them to write thank you cards to their Grandmothers for Christmas or Birthday gifts they’d received.  **Sorry Mom; all those thank-you cards were the result of coercion.


I recently asked myself; Do I believe for a moment if I sent a “I’m Sorry For Your Loss” card 1 or even 2 years late, the person receiving it would be distressed because I sent it? Do I think they have forgotten the person they’ve lost. Or how about a thank you card to my seventh grade teacher, Mr. Shields who influenced my life, largely in part to his respect for the person I was. Who decides these edict rules?

Ask yourself; How wonderful would it feel if someone sent you a note revealing to you that you had made a difference in their life? Imagine holding a hand written note in your hands with those magic words “Thank You” “I Like You” “I’m Sorry” or “You Matter to Me”.

NOW imagine writing it… sending it; delayed or not!


It doesn’t have to be as monumental as the ones I mentioned above, however a simple,  ‘Thinking of You’, OR ‘Remember When?’  will add a smile where there wasn’t one before.

How basic and powerful is that?

For my part, my procrastination stops here. I’ve decided to issue my own challenge to all of you:

A MONTH OF CONTACT VIA SNAIL MAIL                                                             

• Wednesday February 20th to Wednesday March 20th

• In the four weeks starting February 20th to March 20th; mail at least one item through the post every day. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture, or a cutting from a newspaper, a just thinking of you to someone you’ve lost contact with who made a difference in your life (teacher-boss-uncle-neighbour-store clerk-or perhaps someone who you suspect has never received a written letter)

Perhaps more meaningful make one yourself by writing on the back of an old photo or purchase blank-notes, and write them in your own words.  (this is not about spending your hard-earned money on overpriced cards. As a matter of fact I purchased the blank notes featured on this blog post in a pack of 40. No need to overspend… the words and the sentiment attached are what make a statement)

• Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.


Keep in mind all you are committing to is mailing 25 items. Why 25? There are four Sundays between the 20th and the 20th. However, you might decided to send more than 25 items. You might develop a correspondence that extends beyond the month.

Write love letters, thank yous, or simply notes to say that you miss an old friend. Let yourself step away from the urgency of modern life and write for an audience of one. You might enjoy going to the mail box again.


• I’ve just finished writing my first card to a close friend who influenced me. I’m filled with joy knowing she will receive it in her mailbox outside her home. I love thinking of her holding it in her hand and understanding how much I care about her.

• If you find your lost for words google *what to say in a greeting card*. I found this website: Brownielocks, Writing: Tips, Notes and More

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